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Dialog 12 - Introduction

People love to talk about the weather in England especially when it changes.

After saying 'Hello' ' Good morning' etc.  There is often a comment about the weather. It's a way of being friendly and extending the greeting.

'Hello! Nice day!'     Morning! Miserable day!        HI! Bit chilly!     Afternoon! Bit warmer now!

Lovely afternoon.....bit better than this morning.   Evening.....nice and warm still!  Evening....at last the rain has stopped.

Talking about the weather is a national occupation. There is an endless combination of comments! Autumn is generally regarded as from September through to November. Winter is December to February. Spring March to May. Summer June to August. There are different comments to match every season and every  mix and type of weather.


Look out for some new descriptive words in the dialogue. Most of the dialogue is in the present tense. Shopping is not a new word and has been used in many of our dialogues.

Dialogue 12

C. What are you doing with that big stick?

G. I'm busy, working really hard... It's not a big stick, its my garden rake. Haven't you seen all the leaves on the ground? There are loads of them. Most of the lawn is covered with them. You can hardly see any grass.

C. Yes, they are really starting to fall off the trees now! It's a pity! Each day there are less and less leaves on the trees and more and more on the ground. You will need to rake the leaves up again in a few days.....in fact you will need to keep raking them up for several weeks. Hard work!

G. Yes darling! I know! That's because the summer is over and it's  autumn....... cold nights, short days, falling leaves and early frosts. At least the grass stops growing and you won't be nagging me to cut it!

C. No I wont'...at least not until the grass starts to grow again next spring. Anyway, whilst you keep raking the grass in the garden at the back, I keep sweeping up the leaves at the front. There are just as many falling leaves at the front as at the back. Except for having to keep sweeping and raking,  Autumn is a lovely time in England. The trees are a mass of different colours before all the leaves fall and the misty mornings are so beautiful. There are still a few shrubs and plants with flowers in the garden.

G. Yes, but it's getting colder. The nights are drawing in and the days are getting shorter. We  have to turn on the heating and spend more time indoors. After the clocks change in late October, the mornings are lighter for a little while but soon we start to come home from work in the dark. I actually prefer the winter.

C. Why? It's darker and colder in the winter and the days are even shorter. There is often a cold frost in the early morning and the roads and paths can be icy! But we have Halloween and Fireworks night to enjoy late October and early November.

G. .... and later we have Christmas to look forward to with lots of lights and decorations and everyone gives presentsto each other and everyone is nicer to each other. At least most people are.....and if we are lucky it snows.

C. I'm not sure that the snow is a good thing. Lots of accidents. Late buses and trains, leaking wet shoes, cold wet feet and cold hands. Roads in the towns and especially in the countryside get blocked with snow and there are lots of car accidents and people slipping over on the pavements.  Schools sometimes close if there is a lot of snow and it's too dangerous to drive.

G. You are a misery. It's not that bad. Remember how beautiful the snow is on the trees and bushes........and the children love playing in the snow. They enjoy running around in it, throwing snow balls and building snowmen. You enjoy building a snowman. We usually build one ourselves in the front if there is enough snow......and it snows in the Alps. Then we can go skiing.

C. Skiing is dangerous. I always get injured.

G. Yes you do. You seem to manage to fall over quite often. I'm not sure why, perhaps it's the drink or the mountain air. But it's fun and there's great scenery in the mountains. Anyway I've already booked a hotel in Austria for us to go in February next year.

C. OK well if that's the case I need some new ski clothes so we need to go shopping again.

G. What about the ski outfit you wore last year?

C. That's the wrong style and colour for this year and anyway I saw some great Ski clothes in Town in the sales last week.

G. Well I would come shopping with you but I have lots of leaves to rake up.

C. You need to come and tell me which outfits suit me.

G. Great!

Dialogue 12 - Review

Slightly different from our previous format. No new tenses this time!

Listen to the dialogue and then answer the questions.  You can look at the text as you listen  but just try listening the first and second time.

1.    Why is the garden a mess?

2.  Does Clare like this time of year?

3. Does Gerald like this time of year?

4. Who is doing all the work?

5. Where are they going on holiday next February?

6. Does Clare like the mountains?

7. Who is going shopping soon?

All the answers are clearly in the text, are mostly in the present tense and quite easy to answer once you have understood.

If you want to seem friendly, try responding to or making  comments about the weather when someone greets you! And smile or look miserable depending on the weather!