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Introduction to Dialogue 9

In this Dialogue we are talking about completed events ...a holiday which we went on last week. Most of the conversation uses the 'past simple' tense form, as the holiday took place within a 'finished period of time'.

'To be', unlike other verbs both regular and irregular, has two forms of the 'past simple'.

I/ She/ He/ It was      ..and   We/ You/ They were


Some irregular past simple forms used

To go....went      I went ......

To come.....came       I came .....

To have.......had        I had ......

To see.......saw          We saw .....

To think.......thought      I thought ......

To find .......found    I found......


Some regular past simple forms used

To stay.......stayed    I stayed

To play.......played    I played

To rain.......rained     It rained

Dialogue 9

G: Morning! How are you?

C: Fine ..and you?

G: Fine...I slept well last night even though the thunderstorm woke me. I went back to sleep straightaway.

C: I also heard it. I woke about 2 o'clock . It rained very hard for about half an hour before I went back to sleep.  We had much better weather last week!

G: So where were we last week?

C: We were on holiday. We went to the Lake District in the north of England to go walking.

G: I thought you had a bad knee!

C: Yes I had! I had a bad knee because I played tennis with you two weeks ago and someone hit the ball too hard! My knee hurt all week after I played with you.

G: OK.  OK...Where did we stay in the Lake District ?

C: We stayed in a small wooden lodge called Tarn Hows near the town of Ambleside. The weather

 was great - lovely and warm. We had no rain at all. It was dry and sunny the whole time.

G: Who was with us?

C: Our little granddaughter Scarlet.  She came to visit us with her parents for a few days.

G: She seemed very different from the last time  we saw her!

C: Yes!  She looked older. She was taller, her hair was longer and when she arrived she talked and talked. In fact she never stopped talking.

G: Talked about what?

C: She talked about nursery school. She said that she had lots of friends there and played games with all of them.  She said that she loved nursery school and wanted to go there every day! She seemed a very happy little girl.

G: Where did we walk?

C: We climbed a few small hills but because my knee hurt sometimes, we generally walked in the valleys, around some of the lakes and looked at all the lovely scenery. We saw some beautiful places.

G: Did you find any tea shops. I know how much you like eating cakes!

C: So do you. You often eat half of mine if I am not feeling hungry or eat too slowly.  You found the tea shops and we ate lots of cakes and cream scones. We met lots of people and chatted and talked about holidays and families. I really enjoyed the holiday.......and the cakes.

G So did I!

Review of Dialogue 9

There were many frequently used irregular past simple tenses in the dialogue which described events which happened last week. Listen several times to the dialogue to learn the irregular forms.

My husband also described or narrated  what Scarlet said to us using the past simple form. ..

She said that she liked nursery and played with her friends etc...  

The past simple tense is sometimes called the 'simple past'